Trusted key holding service

Stress-free Way to Manage Your Holiday Home

La Zenia Key Holding can take the hassle out of managing a holiday home, leaving you to enjoy your time away from the property without worrying.

Our experienced team ensures every aspect of looking after it is covered, from regular inspections to check for any problems when the house is empty.

With quick response times, issues are identified and resolved quickly, giving you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your investment.

We keep an eye even on the meters

Avoid Unexpected Bills

La Zenia Key Holding monitors meters regularly and reports to you. If any issue - you'll be aware before it gets worse. And with our team of handymen for any repairs, we will address any issue promptly

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Stress-free & Affordable

Peace of Mind for as low as 20€

(Basic monthly package for an apartment)

What's included?

  • Monthly Property Inspection Check
  • Supported by Video/Photos on each visit
  • Visual inspection of exterior and interior
  • A visual check of plumbing and electrical
  • Opening the taps shortly to prevent water stagnation
  • Opening a few windows to ventilate and prevent any potential molds
  • Watering the flowers

Additional services include, but not limited to (at extra charge):

  • Property Cleaning and Laundry
  • Check-In/Check-Out of your Family / Friends
  • Electric will be switched on, fridge and hot water prior to arrival
  • And more

Inspection Video Reports

Each Property Inspection Check is supported by video/photos

Stress-free and Convenient Key Holding

Regular inspections. Quick response times. Trusted service.

Why Choose Us

Value at Affordable Price

From regular monthly inspections when your property is empty to attending to urgent repairs and security checks, you can rest assured that your home will remain secure and well-maintained while you’re away.

With La Zenia Key Holding Team, it's easy to enjoy worry-free ownership of your holiday home with peace of mind knowing it is well looked after.

Professional Key Holding

Having someone there to oversee your property is sure to be a stress reliever, and it can also provide an extra level of security for those away from home

Reasonable pricing

Available for an extremely reasonable price of only 20€ a month, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in safe, secure hands

Even More

We help to keep water stagnation and mold away from your property. By scheduling regular inspections, we can make sure that no areas of your holiday home are at risk

Need additional information?

Give us a call or shoot a message any time - we'll be glad to answer your question or chat!